Glass Skies

sky and enamel


My name is Samayualie Qiatsuq, and I am from Cape Dorset in Nunavut.

sam cuttlefish casting

I wanted to try making jewellery, so I came to Nunavut Arctic College.

sam enamel benchI’ve been working with enamelling, learning how to punch patterns into metal, and working with fire making cuttlefish casts.

sam drawing2 with metal

I like using my hands, hands are like tools. When I’m punching metal patterns, I like seeing the shapes emerge, and seeing how the piece grows.


My name is Ruthmary Lyta, and I am from Kimmirut in Nunavut. I came to Nunavut Arctic College so that I can learn how to make jewellery.

ruthmary flowers desk2

I love butterflies and flowers, beautiful things of nature. I love to draw them, and I can picture making jewellery, dancing butterfly necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.ruthmary drawing floral necklace1

ruthmary enamel4