Guiding Hands

playing with fire casting grains 2

My name is Priscilla Kigusiutnak, and I come from Arviat in Nunavut. Here’s what interests me. Strong bold colours and shapes.

priscilla drawing pepsi2

This is how I think about art. It’s fun to draw. It’s calm, watching the shapes and colours appear on the page.

There is an Inukshuk on the Nunavut flag. It is a giant stone sculpture, it’s like a human standing in the landscape. It points the way home.

priscilla butterfly


My name is Johnny Angutikjuak, and I come from Pond Inlet in Nunavut. I came to Nunavut Arctic College because I wanted to start metalwork for the first time. I am an artist, I carve using ivory, different stones, anything I can use to carve.

Johnny Tungilik

It’s very different working with metal than what I am used to working with. It feels different, also I use fire as a tool when I’m working with metal. I have been working with different kinds of jewellery making techniques – making patterns in metal using punches and roller printing, I have been experimenting with colours in enamelling, and I played with making textured metal surfaces with cuttlefish casting.

johnny enamelling detail

At Nunavut Arctic College I am also drawing for the first time, with coloured pencils. I love to draw animals and birds from the Arctic.