“World Jewellery History”

The First-Year class in the Fine Arts & Crafts Programme
Nunavut Arctic College, Fall 2018

This Arctic Metal Arts site is brought to you by Johnny Angutikjuak, Ellie Tungilik, Priscilla Kigusiutnak, Ruthmary Lyta, Kaleigh Tagak, and Samayualie Qiuatsuq, students at Nunavut Arctic College – and Donna Bilak, instructor for “World Jewellery History” (434-120).

Donna, Ellie, and Priscilla

This introductory history course combined lectures with hands-on studio work to support, enhance, and advance learning.

It presented a cross-cultural examination of jewellery designs and techniques from ancient cultures such as Egypt, Greece, and Rome. It also explored how goldsmiths during the 19th and 20th centuries in Europe and North America interpreted ancient pieces – with focus on Victorian, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco periods. We also explored the influence of decorative arts from Japan, India, and the Middle East on Western jewellery.

“World Jewellery History” enabled the students to acquire basic knowledge of important jewellery genres, materials, and techniques from the ancient world to the present. An important course outcome was for students to acquire confidence in experimenting with new materials and techniques, and to learn how to work collaboratively in the classroom and studio.

Course delivery methods included in-class discussions supported by PowerPoint lectures; in-class drawing exercises that related to our discussions; and studio work that reinforced lecture discussions through hands-on engagement with jewellery-making techniques covered in this course.

Special thanks! … to Lavinia Van Heuvelen, Fine Arts & Crafts technician

… and Beata Hejnowicz, Senior Instructor for the Fine Arts & Crafts Programme, whose tireless advocacy for this jewellery history course made this enterprise possible.